Payment for Services

Most of our patients carry copayment and/or deductible responsibilities as part of their agreement with their respective health insurance plans. Please check with the front desk staff at our office so you may better understand what your copayment and/or deductible is for each given treatment. Your co-payment is expected on the day of service either prior to or after your physical therapy treatment. If there is a case in which we owe you money, our billing department will gladly submit a reimbursement check to you.

Cancellation Policy

We are so pleased that you chose our practice and we thank you for your dedication to your health and to your physical therapy program. 

We have made it our priority to provide the highest level of care including, education and comprehensive exercise programs. We strive to provide this care within a convenient schedule that minimizes wait time.

As we go through this process together, we ask that you be aware of the importance of attending your scheduled sessions and our policies for canceling appointments.

  • Please be on time! Your therapist expects you to be on time and plans your treatment accordingly. Lateness affects your progress (as you may miss vital parts of your treatment) and inconveniences the patients on the schedule after you.
  • If you must reschedule or cancel an appointment, please do so no later than 3:00 pm on the day before.  This will give our staff adequate time to fill your appointment slot as we often have a waiting list.
  • You will be charged a $40.00 cancellation fee for any appointments cancelled the day of or after 3:00 pm on the previous day.
  • NO SHOWs are subject to the same $40.00 cancellation fee.

Notice of Privacy Practice

This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully. 

Notice of Privacy Practice